How do I Save with My Low Income?


I am interested to write this kind of article. I want to share how I can manage my daily needs only with low income I get. When you read the title, you can guess that my salary is small. Yes, Indeed. I use the standard before I make a statement about my salary. I am working now, yes as a Register Nurse in a private hospital in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. I am also working as a teacher in one of nursing school. But, if I do compare my salary with other job, I can say that mine is small and other is big (I don’t want to make more comparison because sometimes it hurt my head and my wallet). But, it is okay, because working is not only about the money, right. So, let us begin.


Set a budget

This is what I do for the first time before I get my salary or the day after I get my salary. It is very important. My father teaches me to use the rule 50/20/30. It means 50% from your salary is for monthly dues, 20% for fun and 30% for saving. The strict low is for 30% saving. This is the most important law in my personal financial. My priority is saving for my sister and brother education. I do it every month when I get my salary. For home, now I live in the dorm, I just pay P 417 for one month and it include water and electricity. I just prepare my food by myself. Another activity is buying my personal belongings like soap, lotion, face cleanser etc. for this, I try to choose wisely and buy the best product with the cheaper price. I like it. Next is about 20% for fun. You know, working with hectic schedule sometimes and most of the time will make you stress. So, you need to have fun with your time. A small activity like hangout in the café or watching a movie will be a good thing to do.


Shop wisely and Plan your shopping

Cabler wrote that, “Never spend money on a whim or just because you “feel like it””. I really like how he said that.

The best way to spend a limited income is to plan your shopping ahead of time using a written budget every single month. When it comes time to buy what you need, you will already have a plan in place and you won’t overspend because you only have so much allotted for each category.  When you approach your spending in that way, you’ll feel like you got a raise because it frees up money that you were wasting when you didn’t have a plan. If you want to buy something immediately, buy everything you can use not the thing that only for window-dressing. Next suggestion is use discount or coupons. Don’t be shame about it. It will save a large amount of money. Believe me, in my wallet you can find more than 5 discount card to buy something from the store.

Sweat the Small Stuff

You can make it by cooking your own food and bring it to your working place, choose walking compare than using the motorcycle (It depends on the distance between your home and your working place, or you can consider to use bicycle than motorcycle). Save your change, like coins in an investment of making multiple trips. Like what I do, I use coins to pay for my transportation. Just be creative with your own life.


Plan your ATM withdrawal

Another suggestion is about not to use credit card. But, in my case, I don’t have a credit card anymore and also in my place, credit card is not familiar to use, so as a change, we with ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). It is really dangerous to use if you don’t use this wisely, because ATM only take out your money and less your money in the bank account (now we have a machine that can help you save your money automatically). For me, I always take my money once in a month. But, if something urgent happen, I will take the money again from ATM. I really try hard not to take money from ATM as possible because it will make you not discipline with yourself (about money). You will feel that it is okay, because you have more money in your wallet so you can buy everything you want.

Find other sources of money

It is important to do beside can practice yourself to do entrepreneur stuff. When I was in school of nursing, my lecturer taught me about being a Nursepreneur. This is the right time to practice that theory. For me, I can do my practical activities as a nurse. I can help patients in their home after they finished their treatment in the hospital. For example, giving the medicine, help them to do their physical activities that doctors prescribe and so on.

So, there are many ways to make a saving for you who have small income. But, for all of the suggestion the key to save your money is diligence. Maybe you can consider making the reward-punishment way to save more money or others. (I believe you have more idea about it). If you don’t, you now that all of this is useless.

If you have time, please share with me. It will be great to discuss it together.


Inspiration about this article comes from Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson Book, Besties. I do like the part in this book that discuss about “saving with small salary”. Next is Jason Cabler an amazing person, who wrote about financial and combine it with Christian principles in




  1. Why i feel like “Bang” it’s perfectly, can i reblog this article to my personal blog?

    You know we have same problem, not just similar hahaha
    i forgot who have this quote “It’s not about how much money you have, it’s all about how you save it!” . Shop wisely, you know friend sometime i spend money just because i feel like it, not because i need it 😦 Diligence, i really need it.
    Now, to keep my money safe when i go shopping hehe
    i am always told myself ” Itu hanya keinginan bukan kebutuhan!”
    Thank you so much for your great article Mar 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear,..
      sure, with pleasure if you want to re-blog that article. it will be great if we can share a beautiful things.
      i am feeling blessed if i can help people..just that what i want to say,..hahaha
      keep writing !!


  2. Shopping wisely is key to saving money. If you need to buy specific things for events that may be coming up, such as birthdays or Christmas, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Shop during sales time – after Christmas, mid-year sales and end of season sales. This way you are not paying full price for items.

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