The Easiest Way to Find Ideas for Writing an Essay

Work-Space Having ideas is one thing, but making them happen is another story. I guess we have been familiar with this problem at some stage in our lives and in all honesty (it’s my everyday reality when I want to write my assignment especially an essay). While I was consider about one topic, I’m struggling to make them happen. Mark Jacksch from said that “No matter how much you love writing; there will always be days when you need inspiration from one muse or another”. Sure, some of the ideas I have are a little crazy and I am not sure that my tutor will like it (because I am the one who choose the topics), but there’s still so much that can be done. In the end, I can make my essay happen with all the hand works and struggles against myself. Here are my tips and personal thought on how to get good ideas and to actually make them happen in papers. I hope it will help you to do your assignment and stay in “productive” ways.

Find a perfect Mood busters

For me, this is very important. Mood is something that gives me ‘power’ to do my essay. The power that I mean is power to stay tune and finish my essay. Sometimes, in the middle of the essay, you feel lost and do not know what the word to write or type is. Mood, will give you the vitamin to solve this problem. So, find your right mood. Even it’s bad or worse mood. Just feel it and try to deal with that feeling. I myself try to communicate to myself and say “Okay, Maria, let’s finish this!” (Maria is my name). That word most of the time help me to turn my bad mood to good mood. Next, I will go to the Internet and googling. Internet is heaven for the inspiration and mood busters. You will find the inspiration that keep you inspire and in the good mood to start your writing. Travel is my other ways to find a good mood. I like to travel alone, or just walk in your block or something.  So, Let’s try.



Merriam-Webster dictionary write that brainstorming is the mulling over of ideas by one or more individuals in an attempt to devise or find a solution to a problem. You can do it by yourself or with your friends. For me, I like to do myself, because I like to do the research and collect more information about topics that I like. Brainstorming can help you also to find the right topics that you want to write about, it happen with me. If you already get the idea, please write it down quickly. The idea is the precious thing that appears from your mind, so appreciate it with write it. You don’t want to lose it, right. Often I write down my idea in the piece of tissue paper and use my phone to write, just because I don’t want to lose it anymore.


After your big brainstorm, write down a selection of the best or most important ideas and set a deadline for each of them. Sit down and gather every “idea” and start to prioritize, categorize and re-phrase everything in your mind. You can file it all into one word document and divided each idea into tasks and deadlines as you like.



The best ideas will come at the weirdest times, it is true. It will appear in the middle of the shower time, or maybe when you are in the comfort room. The tricky part is that when ideas pop in our head at an inconvenient time, it’s easy to wipe them off the table and forget them. Don’t! Write them down in some form, even if it’s just in a few words to help you memorize it later. I always use the notes in my phone or like I said in the piece of tissue paper.


A lot of the ideas we have for our lives, our study or anything really will take a long time to complete, but that shouldn’t stop us to making little steps every day. Writing is a process and it is also a journey.  Be patient with the process and let yourself find the way you are interesting with. Maybe you are not good in writing an argumentative essay, but you are good in descriptive essays. It’s okay. Just write. Don’t think about the deadline. You know, I always convince myself to relax by saying this “A good product take a good time”. Again, it’s about the time. You must keep your good time of writing constantly. It will help you to finish your essay. You can try to write 30-40 minutes and add breaks for 10-15 minutes. For me, it is the best time management and keep me productive for a long time.


Start & Enjoy the process

Keep it simple. Just start where you are, with what you have and do what you can. You’re not expected to move mountains in one day so the most important step you can take is to just start. With every idea that you’re putting into life, focus and enjoy the process rather than thinking about the final result or how far you’re still away from it.” Miss Permentier said. I really like what she told. It inspires me in different ways of writing and thinking.

To conclude, ideas for writing are very important. But, the most important is to make it happen. Many ways to find the ideas, like reading, googling or so on. You can do it by yourself (because I believe that everybody has their own ways to find the idea) but, if you don’t, above are my ways to fix it. All the suggestion are focused in one word “do it!” and continue with “make it happen”, even you get the brilliant ideas, if you are not make it happen, it useless. So, let’s grab your laptop, or your book and write.


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  1. Hello my dear, glad to read this one 🙂
    So helpful because right now i am feel like, i lost all of my idea and i don’t know why? 😦
    i am already do Brainstorming all this time but maybe didn’t enjoy the process.
    and i love you qoute “A good product take a good time” it’s perfectly right.

    Semangat Mar ^^

    Liked by 1 person

      1. it’s great idea but i should make a new blog for that hehe because i don’t want they know about my blog activity, you know why 😀


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