G-Dragon, My One of a Kind


Actually, I don’t know why I choose this topic. It is really rare, but I had a feeling that you will like it later. I want to share about my favorite idol right now. He is one of Korean singer and he is the most talented in my list. I like him so much, so that feeling give more energies to write down in this paper.

So, who is G-Dragon? Like I say before that he is a singer from Korean. He is not only a singer but also a producer, song writer, rapper, director, fashion icon and choreographer. He is awesome. He was born on August 18, 1988 with real name Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon formulated from this name, Ji is pronounced like “G”, and Yong is Korean for “Dragon”). He uses G-Dragon as stage name (it is more popular in Korean; I don’t know the reason why they like to use stage name?). He becomes famous like now because of hardworking, dedicated, consistency and loves he receives from his fans. He did trainee more than 6 years before his first débuted as a member and leader of Big Bang Group (One of the biggest and famous group band in Korean that still produce more song until know). He got many award because of his consistency in music and awarded as World’s Best Album award in 2014 World Music Award.


Before become as famous as today, he was started his journey from the very bottom line in this industry. Began as member of group Little Lula in his age of five and must terminate only by one side from his company make him become stronger and learn how to survive. He started his career again as a dancer and singer (he is interesting in Rapper) in another company and spent the first year cleaning the studio for the other artists in the record label and fetching them water bottles during dance practice. All that experienced he had made the strong basic to starting his career. This is the reason why I like him so much. He gives me and all his fans good example of live and how to stay strong if we want to make our dream comes true.


G-Dragon is fashion icon for fashion industry in Korean and whole world; it is not secret anymore. He has a very unique style, very attractive and show a fire element in his style. He likes red and black colors. We can see it from his cover album and all his video music. He is philosophic person. For example, he used apple as a sign of woman and how he adores this species. Apple is a fruit that show the meaning about feminists and sign of fruit that Eve ate in Paradise in the book of genesis.

If we talk about quality, we will find all of the quality that a singer must have in G-Dragon. He is “genius” in composing music. All of the music he composed become famous and win in music program. Like, Day by Day ( Haru-Haru in Korean), Liar, Heartbreaker, Fantastic Baby and so on. He is also a hard worker person. He can work more than 22 hours in a day and just composing in his work station. This is a good side of him. Like others success people in the world, this kind of personality become their number one sign. Next, He is perfectionist. He can repeat simultaneously one lyric just to make them perfect as he wants. Sometimes this kind of personality makes his friends not comfortable. But they like him because of it also. Can you imagine how genius he is?


Consistency is the way to stay in your career. This is one of lesson learning that I learn from G-Dragon. If you really like your way, please show it with consistency. This is the differences between one artist and other. You can make good music, but until when. Can you survive? Can you hang on in this way?.  Sometimes in our live career, we want to make good contributions, but just sometimes and not simultaneously and consistent. This only make us repeat again from the beginning and don’t know where to go next. G-Dragon also has his own style. It makes his fans will recognize him from the first time they hear the music he produced. This situation is similar in nursing fields. Specialty and ‘own style” that nurses has become positive values that will make good points for the nurses. Patient will choose nurses with that capability.

To conclude, inspiration will come from anywhere and anytime. Just like what I tell you about, this is about a person that influences many teenagers in the world and me also. We can learn from a public figure and it is all good things (also left behind the bad things). From G-Dragon, we can learn about hard working, consistency and specialty. Hope this article will inspire you also and make you find your role model that inspires you to be a better person day by day.


This is the present for you. One of his creative product. 



  1. and if we talk about GD, we must spend a lot time dear hehe,
    love how you explain about this awesome and amazing human 🙂
    i like GD also but you know who my special one 🙂


    1. hahaha,..you are right. GD is totally awesome and incredible person on earth.
      thanks Lan,..
      yeah, you have your own idol. i want to read an article about your idol too. like why you like Ahn Daniel. hahahaha
      could you make that article ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i am already make that one but maybe not specific like you explain about GD. 🙂
        to be honour if you want to read about my special Ahn Daniel 🙂 i’ll make that article later 🙂


      2. yeah, just wait for that 🙂
        i will explain everything for you hehe
        i am also, so i can learn more how to write and speak English, here i just practice by myself and some time with Dewi 🙂


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