The Mathematics of Love

Presents by Hannah Fry on Ted.Com April 2014

recreate and republish by Maria Frani Ayu Andari Dias


I got a interesting picture in the last morning. Above is the picture. I learnt mathematics from elementary school but i don’t know that there are something like that picture. It is really impress me a lot. Lately, i always talk and write something heavy for my self. so, for this time i want to try write something that entertain me and not lose the knowledge side at all.

I think that we can all agree that mathematicians are famously excellent at finding love. But it’s not just because of our dashing personalities, superior conversational skills and excellent pencil cases. It’s also because we’ve actually done an awful lot of work into the math of how to find the perfect partner. This is a new fact for me, beside mathematics not really familiar with some kind of ‘love’ or ‘relationship’. Yeah, i am not working in mathematics sciences, so i can not judge something like this, but, know. I just saying.

Human emotion isn’t neatly ordered and rational and easily predictable. But I also know that doesn’t mean that mathematics hasn’t got something that it can offer us because, love, as with most of life, is full of patterns and mathematics is, ultimately, all about the study of patterns. Mathematics is so powerful that it has the potential to offer us a new way of looking at almost anything even something as mysterious as love. However, it is amazing fact, right?.

One of the paper in mathematics titled “ Why I don’t have a Girlfriend”, written by Peter Backus says that one reason why him does not have a girlfriend because he makes a list and criteria to much than others. He is too much perfectionist about his own criteria and sometimes it is not working like what he wants. That paper shows me something important in finding your perfect partner. I think there is not a ‘perfect’ partner but maybe a ‘better’ partner from all in this world. How about this ? (You can have the paper from why_i_dont_have_a_girlfriend.

Fry in her presentation talks about Top three mathematically verifiable tips for love. Please read it carefully. I hope we are not misunderstand about this topics after we read this all.

How to win at online dating


Fry (a person name) is introducing on of online dating website. It is OkCupid. I am curious with that website and I try to find it. I just laugh out loud after I finish used that website. I just don’t know why many people try to search their love using that website. But, it is okay than. I remember one of the quotes from “three idiots” movie, says ” everything is fair in love and war “.

But my particular favorite is that it turns out that on an online dating website, how attractive you are does not dictate how popular you are, and actually, having people think that you’re ugly can work to your advantage. Okay, this is shocked me. In fact, every person tries hard to make them looks really beautiful in the picture or in the camera. So, they will be attractive somehow. And the important thing to notice is that it’s not totally true that more attractive you are, the more messages you get. If some people think that you’re attractive, you’re actually better off having some other people think that you’re a massive minger. That’s much better than everybody just thinking that you’re the cute girl next door. You should really, instead, play up to whatever it is that makes you different, even if you think that some people will find it unattractive. Because the people who fancy you are just going to fancy you anyway, and the unimportant losers who don’t, well, they only play up to your advantage.

How to pick the perfect partner


Mathematician make surveys about the perfect partner in live and they find shock result. The result says that the best partner for your live that potentially become your husband is the one who be the 37 % rank in totally 100 % your dated in your hole live. I am not sure about how much person you must date in your life before you decide to stop and plan to marriage. The math says then that what you should do in the first 37 percent of your dating window, you should just reject everybody as serious marriage potential. And then, you should pick the next person that comes along that is better than everybody that you’ve seen before.


I imagine, when you getting married. You will purpose the one you choose with this sentence ” You are the 37 % dates in my whole date before i decided to marriage “. Can you imagine that ?. It will be funny.

How to avoid divorce


When Fry gives her presentation. She gives one picture about the formula which explain about the relation between husband and his wife. This is the picture :


The conclusion from this picture is The best couples, or the most successful couples, are the ones with a really low negativity threshold. These are the couples that don’t let anything go unnoticed and allow each other some room to complain. These are the couples that are continually trying to repair their own relationship, that have a much more positive outlook on their marriage. Couples that don’t let things go and couples that don’t let trivial things end up being a really big deal.

And here we are in the and of this article. Mathematics in facts is very relevant with our life including in personal relationship like falling in love and maintain your relationship longer. Interesting, right ?.

So, Please give your opinion.

Thank you.


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