New discovery to do your physical exercises effectively

Inspired by Cosmin Mihaiu’s presentation on Ted

Maria Frani Ayu Andari Dias


I don’t know if this is will be a problem to you or not. But, for me, this is the biggest problem in my career as a nurse. The problem is helping the patients who have physical problem such as broken arms or broken leg. I know, as a nurse, I am not allowed to say something like this. If my patients hear this, maybe they will not choose me as their nurse.  Okay, before I decide to make my assumption or start to debate, I think it will be better if we just discuss useful things that will give us advantages.

I watched a talk from and I found one video which interest me. It is Mr. Mihaiu talks. He talks about new innovation in physical exercise program. He began his talk with a flashback history of his own childhood. When he was a child, his parents and the health workers cannot make him feel comfortable with his physical exercise programs. He needs more than 7 months to recover and it was really boring.

I think, it is not only Mr. Mihaiu who had that experience but, other patients also. Yeah, based on my experience, the patients whom I assist will tell me how they frustrated and uncomfortable they are during the physical therapy session. Sometimes I think maybe because of me. So they have to act and give me entitled to opinion about my performance. But, lately I realize that the nurses are not the problem. The problem is the program itself. Every day, the patients will do the exercises under the command of the instructor or physical therapist. They do it 3-5 times a day and the problem happens when the program is not interesting anymore, even it is very important for their health. Imagine you must doing same exercise just with the same instructor and maybe while you are doing the exercise, the instructor will play the music, and will cheer you up. Imagine if that situation will happen to your life and maybe to your child. Nurses will also face the same problem because of this situation.

Nurses are human’s beings. We know that very well. Sometimes if they assist patients who don’t have spirits to continue the program or therapy they assist, they will be frustrated and begin to be critical about their job. Believe me, it is not comfortable anymore. I think this is the right time to discover a new way to make the program keep running and make them comfortable to finish the program.

I want to thank for Mr. Mohaiu, the physical therapy entrepreneur who invented MIRA Rehab and made physical therapy session become more fun and entertaining. Mira rehab is the organization which works in computer programming and program the software or hardware to help patients with physical problem. The program is fun because it is a game. You will connect with one device that can read your motion and translate it into the movement program on your screen. It is so amazing because you just try to move your body and solve the simple case in the screen. You don’t have to worry because the company which builds the program that will fit with your rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation program will be prescribed by your doctor and you just use the program to do your exercise.

This product, as I must say, is an amazing discovery. Nurses can easily assist the patients and they will have fun with their program. Are you interested with this product? The company sells the product for only $40 and you can use this at home.

Here are the disadvantages of this product. I just think of this, because this is a computer program and it can be easily attacked by viruses. It will be new problem in the future when we will use this kind of product. I just hope that the production house will put the antivirus on it protect the data.

I did not collect the information deeply but I think the idea to make a game exercise for physical rehabilitation program is really genius. I hope the product will be available in my hospital so I can use it to help my patient’s rehabilitation as well. Let’s pray about it.


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