Books Of this Month ( July edition)

Hi,.I want to share my precious books for this month. I hope it will help you improve your habit, especially in Reading. First is “Body Language” from Pearce.


You can download the file of this book from Allan_and_Barbara_Pease_-_Body_Language_The_Definitive_Book and one bonus for Body Language edition The Body Language of Sex, Power, and Aggression – Julius Fast.

Next is my recommended book for this month is The_Brazilian_girl_from_Silicon_Valley. It is very amazing book and the writer also. Enjoy.

Just for fun, read this novel. This is so amazing novel. You can download it from GiverFULLTEXT-1_11_20_2014_8_43_12_AM. The language is really easy to understand and it is perfect for English Learner like me.

Now, for Indonesia edition is thesecret. It is wonderful book and magical (I think). when i was reading this book, i want to be a crazy person and stop to read it. But, I read it once again in this month. I try to be brave to my self.

The last is nursing and midwife english. For your brain…

Okay… I think that is it. Enjoy and Thank You.


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