Life is the biggest school and every day you learn from it. Many things happens in the past couple days back, especially in this month. I learn many things and I learn how to deal with my problem. I know…this this the way life teach me and develop me every day in my life. I want to give thanks to God for all this matter, for all this blessing when I can live and growth up in every second. I want to talk about view thing and this is the lesson learning from this month.

Speak up, dear. They deserve to hear your opinion.
I learn to open my mouth and speak in the class room. I got many things to worry about and I know, it makes me like a dump and just keep my mouth close. I don’t know how to deal with this thing. Just speak, they (my classmate) deserve to hear my little opinion and I deserve to give myself a change and more change to develop myself. You should believe in yourself and make different every day. Just raise your hand and speak. If you want to get famous and get the good score from your professor, do it.

First steps always hard but after that, it always an easy way.
Yeah, this is the fact and I like to share. First step always hard but after that…you know it is not anymore. Especially for the special situation like in my case “The first time attended the nursing class in abroad “. Or “The first time spoke in front of the class”. Trust yourself. Really, it is worth it. Even…for the strange case like this, “The first time falling in love after so many time don’t “

Positive thinking is must.
I know, it is really hard to do. Believe me. But, it is worth it to try. It will keep your energy grows up and up every day. Jealous is my problem anyway, but let’s make it professional. You do all of it for what? for who? for…? Just answer yourself. Deal with yourself and set the right proposes. You can do it, dear. Just, believe in yourself and give yourself a chance to try.

The past will turn to be an enemy if you don’t know how to cooperate with it.
I stuck in my past. My past live is like a shadow to me. Haunt me like a crazy and made me compare anything in my present life. Is it bad?. Yes, because I lost the beautiful thing in my present and the possibility in my future. I don’t want it happen on me. No way. I don’t want to build something like this in my future life. I live in the present and in the future, the past stay in the past, I just want to bring the lesson in my truck.

Faith is something that given from above.
I believe this. In the past couple day, I have a concern in what I called “Faith for fight or fight for faith”. I don’t know “why” a person or a group could attack some people faith. Are they Jealous? Or something?. I don’t have any idea. But, they are not wrong anyway. Faith is something that you should find about. This the way you can find your path to God. Jesus says “…seek the truth of the kingdom of God…and all the matter will follow..” (I hope,I don’t make the wrong translation). But, the way they “act” is the wrong things I want criticize. I just hold my self not to fight this kind of person and make her/him ashamed about it. But, I know and I realize that this is the “dark” power that want to control and rule all of it. I don’t want to waste my time and my energy to fight back for just the ugly reason. I don’t want to make it like that. I know, St. Paul taught me in different ways and I want follow his steps. The ‘peace’ step. I want to show them how I react but my reaction will make them know who is behind my back. I bring Jesus Christ in here. I just must keep calm and make myself comfortable with this entire situation. I learn so many things in here. I hope.

Separate on big task and divided it in to smalls task. I learn not to do my big project just in one night.
I am not a child anymore and it is so hard to accept that I am old know. You know what I mean. I learn to divided my big project in to small project and finish it one by one. It is like you play with it and you enjoy it anyway. But, I have a problem to make sure that I am not too lazy to finish the task or assignment. Sometimes I just feel blue and want to ignore all of this. But, I have a contract that I should accomplish and I have a promise to keep. I don’t want just stay in here without result. I want to go home with something in my hand; in my name; in myself. I know, it will not be easy, but let’s try the best and see the reason.

Korean dramas always win to impress me.
Now, I am in the middle of the good mood because of Korean series drama “Yong Pal “. This is the story about a doctor and his patient. The doctor is a resident in the department of surgery and he is so impressive. I like how the story is develop and how the story gives me lessons. I cheer up again after this entire bad situation.

This is my ‘package’ from the beautiful August. I hope this lesson will help someone in somehow.

Good day and God Bless.


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