The theory and my experiences

My personal reflection

I was in the junior high school when my teacher explains to me about Newton’s law. I don’t even know what it was. In my memory, I just remember I said “Oh” just it. I remember when my teacher said that “the theory is very important and who find the theory is the famous person or going to be famous”. My teacher added that “the process to find the theory is come from investigating and experiment”. But, in that age, “I don’t know” is my absolute answer. I don’t know exactly what theory is. It was really embarrassing because I learn about theory almost in my entire life, but I don’t even know what it was.

I find the other kind of theories on nursing when I was in my bachelor degree. But, I even don’t understand about it (again). “What is theory?” Becomes my ultimate question and I don’t know when I can find the right answer to fulfill my curiosity. I learnt about the theory of nursing, and my teacher that moment wanted me to remember all of that. But, I don’t know why I must remember all of that, in my mind, I have a question but they could not answer that (of course me too). It is not because I am not looking for the answer, I did that. But, every answer leads me in to confusion. Until one day, I found amazing advice from the internet, “if you want to know what it is, just try to use it”. It also means that when I want to know about theory, I must try to use it and feel about it and the important thing is realize that I am using the theory right now and this is the theory.

I find the right definition of the theory when I was in my master education in Brawijaya University. I said “right” because I finally understand what the definition of theory and try to formulate it with my own word. Thank you for my lecturer, I am being able to connect the dots from my past. In the simple ways, I can say that theory is the specific, concrete concept about one or many object that has the function to describe, to explain and to predict the phenomena in the future. This is my personal definition, please don’t judge me.

“Why theory is so difficult to understand?” this is the question that interfere me. Based on my lecture notes, the theory is not really difficult as we think. It is really simple and we just need to understand it in the simple way. The difficult thing is this world, it has much more complicated variable, and theory will help us to understand this complicated world. Do you agree with this?

I will write about this kind of idea in another topic, but for now just about the definition of the theory. The theory is something that really amazing to learn and to explore. I have amaze until now, just because I try to open it one layer to another.

P.S I wish I had written this topic soon. You don’t know how sick I was.


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