Nurses Are…

on September 17, 2015; Alexsandra Robbins wrote in WashingtonPost about Nurses. I like her description about The Nurse. Let me copied it,

Nurses are detectives, investigating deviations, meticulously monitoring vital signs, double-checking dosages, searching for clues. They are scientists, constantly learning, tackling psychology, physiology, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology. They are teachers, educating people about their condition, demonstrating home health care to patients and parents: how to suction a tracheostomy, change an airway, inject a medication, breastfeed a newborn. They are strongmen, lifting and moving patients out of bed, breaking a sweat when performing CPR. They are confidantes, protectors, comforters, easing fears, cradling babies whose parents can’t be there, consoling loved ones who feel that all hope is gone. They are multi-taskers: supporting, coordinating and inhabiting all of these roles at once. And they are lionhearted diplomats, helping a patient die with dignity in one room, facilitating a recovery in the next, keeping their composure even when they are shaken to the core.

Honestly, i am so proud because of this opinion. Robbins is not a Nurse, but she gives this amazing definition of nurses.

Now, How about you, Who are nurses for you ?



  1. Terima Kasih sudah mampir Pak…
    Predikat, peran dan tugas serta tanggung jawab yang diharapkan dimiliki oleh seorang perawat memang banyak Pak. Untuk mencapai kesana, perlu proses, kesabaran, dan “perangkat-perangkat” lainnya.
    Ia Pak, semoga kedepan bisa menjalaninya dengan sangat bangga.


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