Department of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Suaka Insan

Spirituality is difficult to describe. It cannot be seen and it undoubtedly means something different to all people. Smelzer(2010) describes spirituality as the human quality that gives meaning and sense of purpose to an individual existence. It exist within each individual regardless of believe system and serve as a force for interconnectedness between the self and others, the environment and a higher power. Like Smelzer, Smucker (2001) describes spirituality as an experience or recognition of a dimension of life that is invisible and which providing a sense of connectedness with the universe. Smucker (2001) also identifies the following factors as types of spiritual needs associated with human being and this points is what nurses follows as a key concept in giving spiritual care.
First,the meaning and purpose in life. Human by nature appreciates order and structure in their lives. Having a purpose in life gives a sense of control…

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