My deep-deep desire

“Lord, fill me with the desire to know you and to walk in holiness. I want to be a sign of your presence in this world.”

Don’t underestimate how much God can use you to bring people to him. If you are trying your best to stay close to the Lord every day, people are going to notice it—even more than the cross around your neck or the Bible on your desk. They will notice that you’re peaceful when you should be stressed, collected in the midst of chaos, and forgiving when you have every right to be angry. They’ll notice that there is not just something different about you, but someone ” 

This is the best advice for today. You can find a complete edition in The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica (Feast). Lately, I like to read their post and contemplate on it.

” To be a sign of God presence in this world ” is my dream and my deep desire. You can say it my motivation in live or my energy to stay on and on. Maybe I am not like other peoples who wear cross around their neck or the Bible on their desk. But I believe, God speaks with me everyday through my day. I want to live close to Him and be with Him. I cannot run away to another place, because there is no other places.

This my reflection for today…

I want to hear a lot from you too.


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