Mindfulness Practices in 5 Minutes or Less

Linda Esposito LCSW

Mindful Hand Awareness Exercise.

Grasp your hands tightly for five seconds, then release and notice how your hands feel. Keep your attention focused on the feeling for as long as you can. This is a wonderful exercise for getting out of your head and into your physical awareness.

Music Appreciation

Yes, singing along to your favorite song counts as a mindfulness exercise! Pay attention to how this piece makes you feel. What emotions do you experience? What memories come up, and how do those memories make you feel? Savor these emotions and see if they carry over throughout the day.

Close Your Eyes

Spend 5 minutes in silence while you appreciate your surroundings. Keeping your eyes closed helps to block out stimulation and sharpens your non-visual awareness.

One Minute Breathing

Talk about an anxiety busterThis exercise can be done anywhere at any time, standing up or sitting down. Start by breathing in and out slowly. After a few seconds practice the 4-4-4: Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, then exhale for a count of four. Let the breath flow in and out effortlessly. Repeat four times.

Game of Fours

Notice four things in your day that generally go unnoticed. For example, fire up your senses and appreciate the sound of children giggling while riding their bikes, the fresh scent of soap in your shower, your coworker’s hearty laugh, or the brightest flowers in your garden.

Turn Down the Volume

Society can be so loud and imposing. Between the endless ring tones and chimes of mobile devices, to the music in the coffee shop, we rarely spend time in quiet. Set aside 5-30 minutes each day and turn off the television, the radio, and your phone, while giving your mind the gift of quiet. After all, the most interesting moments in life are the ones you can’t capture in 140 characters or less.

Smile at Five Random People

Intentionally making eye contact and smiling at someone you don’t know can unintentionally make their day. Despite what the internet may reveal, civility and kindness never go out of fashion.

You can find the complete information from Mindfulness Practices in 5 Minutes or Less.


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