Until this journey ends

My first semester in the most popular university in the Philippines will end soon. I do not remember when this journey start, i just feel this is like a dream, the wildest dream and the strange dream in my live. I have not realize it since the beginning of this journey. I am filling my heart with the darkest desire to escape and this is me with all my scars….


This is my first photo with my new family, my new classmates in this foreign country. They are awesome, they are so clever and they are something.


This was the moment when we decided to pose in front of the Christmas tree.


This was the moment when we made our best pose after the last exam in Pathophysiology class. I know…I enjoyed it. Look, I was standing in the middle of my two great professors.

I realize something amazing in this journey. Especially with the Professors. They are humble by heart and always there to help you with your study. Just come to them and ask. Me ?. I am a shy person, I keep it for my next sem.


We decided to enjoy our first and last lunch in Sabu-Sabu Restaurant. This is my first time in this Japanese restaurant and i enjoy it.


I do not know my self in this picture. How can I so feminine?. This is not like me, but it was.


Finally, after this short journey…I can say that “I am smiling in that day “.

Thank you…



    1. Hi, Vivi Tendar,..nice to meet you. Thank you for your calm words. if you don’t mind, i take it as a compliment. I believe that everyone has their own ‘clever thing’ and ‘brave thing’, just believe in yourself. I do believe and I try the best to make it happen in my life. I learn this from my fellow students and also from my teacher. so, let’s Go ! like what Agnes Monica said, ” Dream, believe and make it happen “.


      1. Yes, #applause…
        the right think the right way 🙂 hehe..
        i believe in myself that i can make my dreams come true. This is about act,times and process .hhi. nice to meet you too.and salam.

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