Stress Reliever


Many ways in which people try to confront and reduce the stress he experienced. It is, of course, depends on each individual. The response to the stress itself is divided into two parts, namely positive and subsequent negative. Positive way possible with exercise, talents singing, cleaning the house and so forth. While such may negatively interfere with friends around him in order to feel the same way as she felt (Hum…maybe this is the typical person who likes to socialize “problem” with others).

I also have a habit of stress reliever itself, that walk alone. I really enjoyed the step by step my foot steps down the road there in front of me. Yes, .. This may seem strange to most people. But, for me personally, this is a habit that is very enjoyable. I need to be alone, because stress for me sometimes because I do not have a special time with myself. I need an intimate time with myself and listening to what my own opinion related to the problems I had. I choose to walk, because it thought Walking can help blood circulation in the brain and it can make more nutrition to work and to deal with stress.

Yes … do not be surprised if you suddenly find me walk alone (often still ..), and often reject the invitation of friends to hang out.

Because of this habit, sometimes I’m in “mocked” and warned.. “not good a girl walking alone!”. There is something in it, because sometimes if I am too late in my reverie, I sometimes confused with the way home hahahahaha. Thanks to those who have been very attentive.

Yes … maybe the way each person controls the stress is different. There is this and there is that. But all of them are expected in the correct path (Weleh …). Attractive as these, can be used as material to study the character of each person and in the end “Respect” the person.


Greetings from the overseas.

P.S. Hopefully this simple writing can inspire friends to share the interesting experience, so that everyone can draw good lessons from it.


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