Dark-light, Light-dark

Life is like a wheel rotation, there is something in it. Sometimes above, sometimes below. Many people likened living with those sentences. Likewise, we will find the contrast ratio of the other two sides.

Some time ago, I experienced something that made me put myself in a state of “Dark” and trying hard to get out of such inconveniences and reach the exit called “the Light”. Yes … I misread the schedule of my air tickets that I have purchased two months earlier. You can imagine how am I panicking. I did not know what to do and that was very uncomfortable moment for me. The reason is because the amount of rupiah that I spend as a result of the above incident. I realized, I was in a state of danger and began suggest myself that “I can get through this very well”. I insist!

Dwell in an uncomfortable situation indeed “Uncomfortable”, my head suddenly dizzy, my respiration rate increase, my pulse was fast and my vision was blurred. Ouch … I was hit by a fairly heavy stress. By regulating the breath, I began to rack my brain and bump! I got the idea to get out of this problem. Fortunately, my luck was living on me (still). Internet access running smoothly, easy for me to look for information on another flight the next day. Thanks Traveloka.com, I finally find cheap flights for hours accordingly. I replace my local flight hours and perform payment transactions at midnight. My problem is resolved.

Feeling “lost” sheets of rupiah from my wallet really galling. I became hard to sleep and kept awake all night. To overcome this, I decided to recite simple prayers for calming my own heart. It was a tiring day.

The next day, I had to go down to the office and said goodbye. I realized that in my distress, God has never left me. I am grateful for the uncomfortable incident that I experienced and I am ready to face other problems. I’m ready for the blessing and the blessing of God!. What I have encountered is that I never plan ahead, yes … I am overflowing with so many blessings after a period of darkness before. I find my job is already and almost finished, I also get a warm farewell from friends and co-workers also added with other blessings that I can take home. Do not stop there, I can feel the sincere feelings of my friends when they released me to go wander again.

My problem does not stop here, yes … I have to pass through other challenges. I go to the airport alone and found myself “sad” due to these circumstances. I tried to deal with the fact that I would “go away”. Feeling like I want to die attacked and this is really draining my energy. My first flight landed successfully. Arriving in Jakarta, I have to be faced with the next challenge. Waiting for luggage that arrived late, additional consignment friends, ride transportation to move aviation terminal to pursue the opportunity to quickly get on the plane. Immigration is another issue. But God was good, I escaped safely on Immigration.

Another challenge is when it arrived in the Singapore where I had to make a transit, then … then where and how I can “live” and support myself, yes … although the transit time is quite short, only two hours. God showed his greatness in me, I accidentally met a tourist from Indonesia who will travel to the Philippines the same with me. We further do activities together and spend our transit time to share valuable experience and learn from there. I know and I realized I messed up the English language abysmal, but I was stubborn and prepared to take risks. Armed with a potluck, I actively communicate with my new best friend. The days I passed with fun and I realized the magnitude of organizing Lord of my life.


I reached my destination safely in place and coupled with transportation costs that are not expensive. I am very grateful for this.

From this brief experience, I realized that God is found not only in a state of profit, but also in a state of poor and maimed. Implementation of the Lord of my life I really feel any tightness in my life, it makes me feel that the distress and hardship I experienced was not merely evil, but thanks to it, I find little effort. There is no reason not to give thanks for the misfortune and bad experiences that happened. Who knows what the greatest blessing that is hidden inside.

For all of these trips, I honour my gratitude and thanks to the Organizers of my life and also Both of my parents were with kindness praying for my safety.



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