” Being….Humble”


In a long chat between me and my best friend (The most was gossiping compared than discuss other productive), we talked about that quite famous phrase, “The first would be a backward and backward will be the first”. Broadly speaking, we conclude that this expression would like to convey that ‘those who are humble will appear more attractive in life’, yes … we are aware, this interpretation is based solely on our logic alone, there are many other interpretations that may be more appropriate. We pointed out in a drama that took the country of origin of ginseng shoot in a work environment, people are a lot snout (say arrogant), it has a lower work than those who live (say, humility). They are not ‘off’ ability but more reticent and showed it to the real work are those who say ‘successfully’ and received recognition and awards at the end.

Yes … I managed to make my friends offended, as I am aware, all this time I was the ‘most’ talkative than do my action (Sorry, Bro … I’m learning to be honest in here).

Of from chit chat and we were mostly gossip, I learned important things to be ‘self-aware’ and then take action to make a small change. I realize that ‘there are good things that can be learned from gossip’ (I know; my teachers did not agree with this statement). But, to quote what was said by CL of 2NE1, “Bad is not mean bad you know …!” which means that not all the bad things will give poor results, there is always a good thing to be learned in it. But, that does not mean I advised friends to gossip … NO, NO … especially during working hours. Death for you … Salaries can be cut simply because gossip!

Yes … my expectations are not that heroics, hopefully after painstakingly reading this article, friends can be inspired to spread a lot of kindness and good to take the wisdom of any adverse event in the life.

Stay humble and keep the passion for study at university of life time that does not know when this will end.



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