A little ‘me time’


I have never imagined, would be here and devote myself to the advancement of science and stay very closely with the ‘human mind’. The more I try to understand it, the more I feel ‘do not know anything’ and I was getting ‘keen’ to know it, skin him deeper. For me, this opportunity is very and very ‘extraordinary’ for me.

Tracing the Human mind who born from the organ that weighs less than 1 kilogram (I hope, I’m not wrong), it leaves a lot of amazing things for me. I never imagined the human brain is able to provide a lot of response in the form of behavior that can be measured and evaluated. Even the fruit of the mind itself can show the structure of the organ that is fantastic to learn about.

Recorded, more than 4,000 years ago, psychiatric problems have been documented by medical scientists at the time. Never imagined before, the development of knowledge about psychiatric already are at this point. Remarkably again, until today, still little is known by scientists. Scientists can only guess and then test and then see whether to respond or less the same or not. I think, this situation as a ‘walk in the dark by relying on information from down the road’ or sometimes as ‘walking with dim lighting and pray that there is no gulf street’.

I am still a novice, feel the anxiety , and start to question my self. Questions such as, “Can I?”, “Do I understand my client later?”, “Do my coping mechanism be able to make me go through all this?”. I really do not know. Besides all these feelings and questions, I keep a very deep curiosity !. Curious because I wanted to roam imagination of my own and I really want to see something that is not visible at the end of the road there. I, really wanted to be part of this long journey and reveal what is hidden at the end of my road. I really want it!.


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