The Art of Rejection


Rejection is one of the emotional scars that can result in a fatal case. Rejection of any kind, large or small, deep inside or just on the surface, the whole will only give the final result, ‘painful’. Sometimes, the pain is more severe than what we imagine.

The rejection hurt our self-esteem. When the experience of rejection hurt our self-esteem, it will tend to keep repeating. Just imagine how severe wounds to be inflicted. The rejection also tends to cause us to become irritable and aggressive. Just look at the behavior of our friends or brothers who have just been jilted, or rejected the filing of borrowing money and so on.

Rejection also would undermine the nature of our existence to be part of something either that group or simple things like personal relationships. It has a reason because in ancient times, our ancestors felt the rejection and keep them in the genes passed down to us until now. Rejection they get associated with their presence in the group. When the group does not want x then leave or disregard x, then x will lead to a loss or death. This is what makes the refusal to be very ‘dangerous’. In ancient times, it lives only focused on two things, life and survival, beyond it is Dead! (I think to this days, we still practice this pattern).

Well, this is the piece of information associated with rejection or feelings of rejection. Regardless of the consequences, good and bad, I hope this information can be used for a lot of kindness and spread the message of peace to others. Hopefully.


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