Break the ‘bad’ feeling


The feeling of prolonged laziness and frantic endlessly. Have you ever felt a feeling like this?. That feelings will appear when we are dealing with jobs which in death line and counting seconds before it ends. Me?, Yes !. I am the one who very often experience that feelings. I named it, the state of “no inspiration ‘. Intermediate state between the dark to the light or vice versa, ‘twilight’, perhaps.

Things like this make the job or task that is in front of the eye has the value ‘zero’ without any effect. Even the effects of guilt and responsibility. Perhaps this situation occurs because the brain is already ‘tired’ and need ‘a break’. Perhaps this also is a condition where the brain wants a lot more information to complete tasks and jobs that are in front of the eye. Maybe and maybe.

To overcome this situation, I certainly behave like the other women. Immediately contact my friends and do free consultation. My friends are kind. They share free advice without payment or ask me to treat them as a payment.

My friend said,

“Do not stop to focus on the work to be done in front of your eyes, this is just a clever trick of the ego of yours to shirk work that is before you, and make you getting lazy. All you have to do is continue to dive in, deeper and deeper. Algae around you is only temporary, when you already adjust your movements, your concentration will be focused and you will not have much to complain as they are now “.

I was very fortunate to have plenty of support system that is always ready to help me when I need them. Support system like this is a very important factor in the treatment program with psychiatric problems. I realize the importance of that factors in here for, just like my best friend, I also opened myself to provide support for those in need. I do not promise a garden with blooming roses, I can only offer ‘let’s face together’ any issues are you facing.

Thank you friends who have inspired many in these times of ‘no inspiration’ is. This is a reply to your kindness indefinitely. Love.



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