I know and it’s enough to know!


Human beings are selfish beings huh? “said my friend in one afternoon. I smiled slightly and nodded as if I understood what he meant. Despite the fact that I was curious about what he meant. Many guesses have in my mind, but it would be better if he say it directly. I undo the intention to ask, “What and why do you think that?” And let the thoughts flow by itself.

People happily accept such words of praise, but do not accept criticism as well as praise” he said later. Just like what I expected. But, the answer makes me have to digest many times meant.

Accompanied by music draws from Gallant, Tablo and Erik Nam with Titled “Cave me in”. We were immersed in an interesting discussion that night. Investigated, it turns out my friend has just become a target of bad ‘gossip’ unfavorably by people he respected, and that tragically  is not’ manly ‘, according to his thinking. Sadly, he never had the slightest thought of that person  will do that ‘dirty’ way. I bet it hurt him this time.

I try not to interfere with the case, if i do interfered, I just want to interfere it as little as possible, interfered without being seen. I just do not want to be embers that will only make the problems getting worse.

My best friend is the one who is wise enough, I believe He is able to deal with this problem. He just need to give himself time to accept the new situation and make peace with it. Many of the conversations I replied with a nod and he said “okay”, hoping he get the support he wanted.

At the end of the conversation, he said “I know, and I know enough!”. I smiled proudly, exactly as I had expected. My friend still has a tinge of wisdom. You are the best, Buddy!


You are also can read this article in Bahasa, Please visit https://mariafraniayu.wordpress.com/2017/02/24/baru-tahu-dan-cukup-tahu/


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