Lesson learning from Harry Potter the Sorcerer’s Stone: Self-Awareness something which can be learned and develop

Someone have written something beautiful about learning. It wrote “You can learn from everything, something and somewhere”, another wrote “Life is the best teacher in the world “. Those quotations want to show that everybody can learn and everybody will learn for the rest of his or her lives. The Harry Potter movies series is something that related with that quotation. Originally from J.K Rowling imagination, the character like Harry Potter was born. It is interesting because in Harry Potter stories, J.K Rowling want to spread the message to the children around the world. But, not only the children, but people who read her stories. The message which will be found if you read, watch and reflect on every line in the story.

J.K Rowling has seventh book series which talk about Harry Potter’s ‘life. One from those books is Harry Potter: The Sorcerer Stone or The Philosopher Stone. It is the first book which talk about Harry Potter, in his early life. The book which open the reluctant imagination about magic and everything related to it. The book which gives me sources to reflect on, especially about Self-Awareness.

In this short article, I will discuss about self-awareness and its component such as self-knowledge, self-reflection, Personal integration, Empathy, respect and commitment. I will reflect not only in the main character in the story, but I will use more than one characters to get my point.

Self-awareness is particularly important in mental health nursing. Self-awareness is the process by which the nurse gains recognition of his or her own feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. In nursing, being aware of one’s feelings, thoughts, and values is a primary focus. Everyone, including nurses and student nurses, has values, ideas, and beliefs that they are unique and different from others’. At times, a nurse’s values and beliefs will conflict with those of the client or with the client’s behavior. The nurse must learn to accept these differences among people and view each client as a worthwhile person regardless of that client’s opinions and lifestyle (Videback, 2011).

Self-knowledge and Self-reflection

Self-knowledge and self-reflection are part of the answer from the question “who am I?”. In her book, Stuart (2013) wrote that self-knowledge and self reflection are part of self-awareness. We discover self-knowledge and do the self-refelection by help from Johari window.

In the movie, before his 11 birthday, Harry still believes that he is just an ordinary boy. He does not have something magical in his life. Until someday, he celebrated his birthday and with his first friend from Magical world, Hag rid, who kindly help Harry to discover another side of his life. Before this long journey begin, Harry did not believe what Hagrid told him about who he really is. He responded it with saying “Just Harry”. The journey to find who he really was begin from ‘just Harry’ that night.

Developing Harry best self and find his possible competence is part of Harry’s journey. Curiosity is the best way to start this long journey. Harry who has been introduced with his new world choosing to become more curious about all the system around him. He wants to discover and find by himself what he wants for his development and fulfill his curiosity. Harry does not know who he truly is yet, but he wants to discover it by himself. He tries his best to becomes what he really wants and trusted his friend. He learns to trust someone out from himself. He trusted Ron and Hermione. Besides of that Harry also develop an amazing personality when he must face difficulties in his life, including his own family. Even his Aunt family always say something bad to him. He remains calm and does not try to do something bad against them. It makes Harry an extraordinary boy in his age.

The knowledge about yourself can be found trough a long way journey and also begin with the ability to open yourself to any other possibilities that might be happen. After agree with Hagrid and follow him, Harry finds something unusual about himself. He is famous in another world and it is behind his imagination. Everybody respect him as ‘a boy who lives’.

Another kind of self-knowledge can be seen from Professor Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore trusted Hag rid to bring harry potter when he was baby and entrusted harry with his Aunt family. Even he knows that his aunt hate everything about wizard and magic. Dumbledore believes harry will learn something from them and prepared his selves to the great adventure. Dumbledore believes in hag rid even other professor disagree with that idea. To achieve this kind of characteristic, someone must be believing in his/her selves more than anybody and spread this trusted out of him/her self to other.

Contradicted with previous statements, the indicator of not know about your self is come from Dudley’s family. From the story, we know that they always put Harry down. They even envy Harry when Harry got something from another sources, like letter from Hog ward school. This character comes from the lack of understanding of self.

From the story we can find that Harry develops his self-knowledge trough time to time. Everyone has the same chance to become who he/she really is.

Personal integration

Personal integration is the quality of being honest with yourself and others, and living a life that is aligned with your moral principles, not just liberty.

In Harry Potter movie, Harry responded to Hagrid said “just Harry” to him. It shows that Harry just seeing himself as ‘just Harry’, a not important and simple boy with no parents and maybe no future. But, Harry did not stop right there, He did agree to discover himself and follow someone like Hagrid.

When Harry ask Hagrid why everyone know him. Hagrid answered it and said that he is not the right person who can say that. Hagrid shows honesty to Harry and help Harry to figure it out by himself. This kind of concept is so brilliant to teach someone like Harry in his very young age. Hagrid likes want to say that “come one Harry, find yourself, there are a lot of unimaginable world around there “.

Another scene shows that Harry does not do all the adventure alone. He stands with his friends. He does not take all the task but he acts with just his own ability and give other to whom can solve them. This show the characters of ‘honest’ with own self and believing in other.

Hermione also do the act that show about personal integration. Hermione with pleasure helps Harry and Ron answer their professor after they fight the troll. Hermione wants to protect three of them. This action comes from self-respect and appreciate others.

Empathy, respect and commitment

Empathy, respect and commitment will be found in Harry Potter the Sorcerer stone. Empathy comes from Harry friends, Ron and Hermione. Ron and Hermione always care from Harry and trust Harry. They develop mutual relationship and walk with it in everyday life in Hog ward school.

Empathy is like the feeling when someone can ‘feel’ others feeling. In the train, Harry finds that Ron does not have enough money to buy some cookies. Harry directly offer helps and buy it. He shares it with Ron and both enjoy the cookies.

Respect can be seen when Ron accepts that Hermione has better skills than him in spells and other. Ron respects Hermione who helps him and Harry when they face a great danger.

Commitment first can be seen from the scene when Harry buys his first wand from Oliver’s shop. He must try more than one time until he finds his truly wand. Commitment is something persistent in life. It is like you must consist in one way or another and stick on your purpose until you find the way out and solve the problem. Oliver taught Harry that moment that He must try until he finds the way out. Never give up and stay.

To conclude this simple article, I dare to say that we can learn from everything around us, we learn from everyday life. From Harry Potter Movies, I can learn the developmental of self-awareness from defines self-knowledge until found the lesson learning from committing to each other. Harry Potter shows his transformation from ‘just Harry’ to ‘Harry Potter’ who stands still against the bad thing. Harry also has taught that development of self is starting from openness of self, readiness to catch the opportunity and believe in yourself and other.


Reading list:

Stuart, G. W. (2013). Principle and practice of psyciatric nursing. St Louis, Missouri: Mosby .

Videback, S. L. (2011). Psychiatric mental health- Nursing . Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


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