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this is my personal journey to find God trough my personal reflection and help from others that i believe can lead me to find the answer.

Act as a Lovely Father

Many times, we do not act like the younger son in the parable of the prodigal son, regret and come back. But, more like a oldest who lives and feel ‘envy’ by the Father’s love for the youngest. Whether we … Continue reading

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Dark-light, Light-dark

Life is like a wheel rotation, there is something in it. Sometimes above, sometimes below. Many people likened living with those sentences. Likewise, we will find the contrast ratio of the other two sides. Some time ago, I experienced something … Continue reading

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My deep-deep desire

“Lord, fill me with the desire to know you and to walk in holiness. I want to be a sign of your presence in this world.” ” Don’t underestimate how much God can use you to bring people to him. … Continue reading

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Nurses Are…

on September 17, 2015; Alexsandra Robbins wrote in WashingtonPost about Nurses. I like her description about The Nurse. Let me copied it, Nurses are detectives, investigating deviations, meticulously monitoring vital signs, double-checking dosages, searching for clues. They are scientists, constantly learning, … Continue reading

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Life is the biggest school and every day you learn from it. Many things happens in the past couple days back, especially in this month. I learn many things and I learn how to deal with my problem. I know…this … Continue reading

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Bagaimanakah seharusnya ‘Berpacaran’ ?

Sebuah peneguhan dari Cecilia Triastuti (www. Judul Asli ” Pacaran yang sehat, jalan menuju perkawinan bahagia“ silahkan berkunjung ke untuk bahasan lebih rinci. Akhir-akhir ini saya dilibatkan dalam berbagai pemikiran yang aneh-aneh dan saya tidak bisa tinggal diam dan membiarkan … Continue reading

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