About Me


My name Frani Ayu Andari Maria Dias. Sorry, but my name is pretty long. Long and meaningful. Maria because I was born in October that according to the belief of my parents is the month to pray with Mother Mary. Frani is a combination of the name of my parents (Romantic??), Ayu Andari is two words inserted at the request of my mother. I am not Javanese, but both my parents agreed to name me that. According to my father, the second word in my name that refers to a character in the drama “Tutur Tinular” which is my mother’s favorite drama, one of the characters called “Ayu Andira” and my mom beautifully add those words to my name. Dias is the last name of my father, he said it indicates the origin of the family.

I was born in East Timor (now Timor Leste) on October 10, 1991 in a small house in the district Laga (At the time, my father worked there), in the hands of a midwife who does not know his name. Mother bore me away from both parents (mother is the Kalimantan). I feel lucky to be born on the date and month alike indicate the number 10 (special for me).

Not much I can tell who’s related to me. I am a nurse and is still being studied nursing for Mental Health nursing specialization. I do not know why I chose nursing as a profession, but for me, that was the best choice I ever made until today.


Apart from being a nurse, I am also a dreamer (more precisely sleepyhead). I really loved books (even when sleep I am using the book as a pillow), I like to read, to watch and do adventure alone (rather vague). My inspirational figure today is Jesus Christ, St. Paul the Apostle, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi (religious leaders all ??), Mischelle Phan (Fashion Blogger and YouTuber), GDragon (singer from South Korea), CL (female singer from South Korea) and many more.


The most prominent trait I might have is that I am easily bored!

Perhaps this is the short introduction of my own, though the rest is still a mystery to myself. But, my current trip is a trip to get to know myself.




  1. dan yg paling istimewa karena saya bisa mengenali sosok Maria Frani Ayu Andari Dias secara langsung 🙂 meskipun tidak pernah sekelas tp banyak hal yg juga ku pelajari dri cara mu menghadapi hidup teman 🙂

    Tetap semangat di Negeri orang yah 😉


    1. Hallo, Selamat sore Pak…
      Wah, Maria binggung luar biasanya dimana, Pak. Tapi yang jelas, Terima kasih Pak, karena sudah pernah jadi guru yang luar biasa untuk Maria sehingga bisa jadi seperti sekarang. Salam juga dari Manila, Filipina.


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